September 14, 2016

Social Entrepreneurship

GUiDE Project takes social entrepreneurship to mean the creation of innovative enterprises to make positive and sustainable impact on society and/or the environment.
A social entrepreneur is someone who recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create and manage a venture to make social change. A social entrepreneur assesses success in terms of social impact.
This means that a social entrepreneur:
• Creates projects or businesses based on a community need or problem.
• Aims at providing a long lasting solution to a specific problem through their work.
• Aims at making a profit and protecting the environment in their work.
In Kenya, millions of youth are unemployed not because there is no employment per se, but because they lack guidance and mentoring to understand what is available and venture into the world of entrepreneurship. Without prospects for the future, these youth often feel that they lack a sense of purpose and motivation, and the confidence to change their circumstances.
GUiDE Project Enterprise Projects strives to empower youth with a character and community-based entrepreneurial mindset. Upon graduating, this confidence and set of competencies will enable them to either launch a new social enterprise or bring an innovative mindset to an existing company. GUiDE Project Enterprise Projects provide the guidance for highly motivated youth to explore their own ideas and learn what it takes to become entrepreneurs and hence creators of their employment. They will learn about leadership, innovation, and ethics. This initiative focuses on small groups of highly motivated youth.
The enterprise project also aims to assist marginalized and disenfranchised youth through youth groups. GUiDE Project helps these young people to create and sustain income-generating activities, which lead to a healthy life. The project focuses in building the capacity of youth groups for self-efficiency and sustainable group.
There are a very wide variety of projects and businesses
• Social Enterprises
• Financial Enterprises
• Agricultural Enterprises 4. Green Enterprises
• Technology Enterprises
• Value Addition Enterprises