September 14, 2016

Skills development and empowerment

A young person, called the GUiDE scholar, embarks on an enriching journey in the Guide Project training and mentorship program. GUiDE Project will be there for the young people for just as long as we’re needed, helping them to gain skills and realize their dreams, one step at a time. Ultimately they will become independent young people, able to make career choices, take up opportunities, find meaningful employment, break the cycle of poverty and contribute meaningfully to their communities. The journey will begin with guidance and support to help the young access opportunities through informed choices. Together with the young people, we will explore all the available career avenues and options that interest them and for which they are qualified. GUiDE Project also helps to bring out the best in youth through strategies aimed at helping them to learn and develop holistically in school and after school. Skills are taught in the pursuit of a holistic development perspective that encourages sustainable global success. The volunteer mentors and teachers are taught to provide skills and attitudes, which are necessary for finding the way to help youth becomes the best they can.
GUiDE Project Project’s training and mentorship program will promote development of skills and a passion for innovativeness and creativity, in our resource centers. Through our mentorship programs within their schools, youths will be challenged to do more besides class work. Youth will be encouraged to set their own life visions and aspirations. Even those with low academic achievement levels will be encouraged and mentored to do more in school. Those who show signs of falling behind will be given extra attention and support. Most students respond positively to being given some extra attention and it will be rare for a student to drop out. We much prefer to give youth the benefit of the doubt, rather than judge that they are unable to learn
Leaving school is a time of uncertainty since existing formal education and training models do not always focused on skills needed in the practical labor market. GUiDE Project uses well-planned strategies to bridge this gap. Most of the time, when young people finish high school and even college, particularly those growing up in poverty without significant social capital, they become idle and lonely. They may even get lost during the transition to tertiary and university education. They are unaware of the vast array of pathways available to them beyond graduation. They may only know of the “single word” careers, such as doctor, teacher, and lawyer. GUiDE Project will help these young people by exposing them to unlimited number of career paths. It will equip them with the tools and skills to make many pathways a reality. GUiDE Project will help by connecting what they do at school to the real world through live events, career fairs, Videos and interviews. These young people will also become equipped with diverse knowledge from many field, from Business and Entrepreneurship, Book Keeping, Marketing, Personal finance, Team work, Cohesion and Communication, to Conflict Management, Peace Building, Needs Assessment, Resource Mobilization and Leadership. We will also help prepare young professionals who come out of GUiDE Project program to the labor market. The GUiDE Project alumni peers will forever be welcome to participate in our activities at the resource centers.
More importantly, young people are required to build social entreprise porjects, business projects, set up model companies, complete with boards and executive management, and then they are required to run the company for a whole year. This encourages innovation, leadership and job skills