September 15, 2016

Service Model

GUiDE Project is an innovative youth development service model working in partnership with local communities to help connect Mentors to supplement the formal existing education model. The guide mentors also work with youth and youth groups in the partner organisations and communities to create connected and inter dependent communities of discoveries. GUiDE Project invites committed and passionate people- called GUiDE Project mentors to work with GUiDE Project youth and clubs in partner schools as well as organised youth groups in the local communities. Guide Project mentors are identified from those who have a passion to contribute to the youth to mmentor and train them. The guide mentors will be well supported and trained to make them efficient in handling the youth as passionate and trusted partners . The Guide clubs are established in the partner schools and local communities with the help of dedicated and experienced teachers and community professionals with passion for matters of youth development and mentor ship who become the club patrons. The clubs identifies priority areas based on young people local needs but generally the mentors will take the young people through the various pillars of Guide Project eventually. This model is replicated in youth groups led by youth leaders. The guide clubs are a source of deep experience in the real world— and that has an impact in ways that can hardly yet be imagined. In the training and development programs, young peoples are engaged in mentor ship and training on Personal development, Leadership and initiatives, Global competencies, Entrepreneurial skills, Business skills, employ-ability, Career guidance, financial literacy, health and safety skills and College readiness. They are also exposed to a wide set of careers through apprenticeships, visits to various sectors and camps with guest experts.

The mentors will work closely and in partnership with patron teachers and  during school days, helping them to seek more innovative and creative ways of applying the education they get in class,  identify unique talents as well as youth in trouble. The same Guide mentors, led by an experienced lead mentor are in charge of resource centers in affiliated schools, which are used for both GUiDE Project activities and programs. The mentors therefore are very useful in developing and encouraging young people in other aspects of life besides academics.

In the GUiDE Project Clubs, young people are helped to identify and develop unique projects that can help solve community problems and possibly create income for them. Some of these problems might involve issues like Environmental conservation, Education, Economic empowerment, Human rights, and Civil Education. The basis of all the projects is sound education for the young people by the young people themselves, which will lead to enlightenment and awareness. This is very interesting and exciting, as young people develop solutions to problems facing their communities. Those projects that are deemed very sustainable and unique will be supported to the next level by connecting them to community leaders, sponsors and the market. However, the main objective is helping identify passion, creativity and commitment to becoming social entrepreneurs and GUiDE Project Mentors. The model will work for students in class seven and up to form four.