September 14, 2016

Resource centers

Alternative supplementary and empowerment education programs for youth are very necessary in our economy. Generally, these are programs for youth who are doing well as well as for those who struggle in standardized education: the low achievers, the alienated, the ones with low self-esteem and little optimism for their own futures. They are also programs for those who have finished school and are waiting for the next chance. Young people need to work on practical projects to uplift their standards of living, become more productive in their communities and to impact the lives of others.
Resource centers are created in GUiDE Project affiliated schools which will offer a safe, supervised, nurturing and enriching environment for the young people. Resource centers are the nerve and heart of the GUiDE Project. Therein, young people have the space and encouragement to develop academically, socially, emotionally and professionally. A quiet place in these partner schools is provided to develop the youth and host events throughout the year. These events include training, career fairs, reproductive health days, first aid lessons and more. Visits to other institutions not affiliated to GUiDE Project takes place to provide the same opportunities. Students work collaboratively in groups, with their regular teachers, and with people from other fields who are serving as mentors and role models. Engineers, scientists, technologists, artists, musicians, business leaders, and so on, can play these roles. These programs will cause youth who’ve been slumbering through school and life to wake up. Those who thought they weren’t smart find out that they are. Those who feared they couldn’t achieve anything discover they can. Youth who thought they had no chance of going to college finds that they can. Those who don’t want or don’t qualify to go to college find there are other routes in life that are just as rewarding. In the process, they all build a stronger sense of purpose and self-respect. These are the main aims of GUiDE Project’s resource centers, based in the affiliated partner school.
All the programs for young people take place during school days, out of school and in the holidays. Also, children and young adults are able to visit any day during holidays and are free to come and go as they please. They are hives of activity during the holidays – a place to meet and study among friends, to use our resources and computers, attend workshops, and courses, films, seminars, fun days, play, create arts and crafts, listen to story time, engage in sports, family fun days and receive peer support. The GUiDE Project centers also act as libraries that offer many resources. The possibilities and opportunities are endless.