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The real voyage of discovery, the only fountain of eternal youth, consists not in seeking new landscapes, but seeing with new eyes
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Alternative supplementary education and empowerment programs for youth are very necessary in our economy. Generally, these are programs for youth who are doing well as well as for those who struggle in standardized education: the low achievers, the alienated, the ones with low self-esteem and little optimism for their own futures. They are also programs for those who have finished school and are waiting for the next chance.



GUiDE Project takes social entrepreneurship to mean the creation of innovative enterprises to make positive and sustainable impact on society and/or the environment. A social entrepreneur is someone who recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create and manage a venture to make social change. A social entrepreneur assesses success in terms of social impact.



A young person embarks on an enriching journey in the Guide Project programs. GUiDE Project will be there for the young people for just as long as we’re needed, helping them to gain skills and realize their dreams, one step at a time. Ultimately they will become independent young people, able to make career choices, take up opportunities, find meaningful employment, break the cycle of poverty and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

We Are Forging A New Youth Development And Empowerment Pathway

About The Cause

We believe that young people everywhere have the capacity to “learn, to make and make to prosper”
GUiDE Project is a charity seeking to forge a new youth development and empowerment pathway

This innovative initiative transforms and revolutionizes the development of young people, preparing them for success and prosperity in and out of school. Through a strategic approach that supports and supplements the existing formal educational system GUiDE Project strengthens local and global competitive citizenship. GUiDE Project helps young people prepare for life and wealth creation, as well as for a successful and enjoyable school life. Young people taught that life is bigger than tests and good grades; that education is more than preparing for an existing job.

  • To develop and empower young people to believe that each can be his or her very best, both in school and in the rest of life

  • GUiDE Project .Project strives to offer experiences of which a young person would not find adequate examples in other curricula

  • We seek to create an ecosystem in which youth from all segments of society have opportunities to innovate, effect positive change in their communities and demonstrate thought leadership within a local and regional context.

  • To help develop young people who are inter-connected globally and actively engaged in transforming and creating their future, and sustainably developing their communities.



Founding Director of GUiDE Project
James has worked for many years as a school administrator and teacher and it is here that he developed a keen interest on poor impact of a purely academic curriculum on the youth who more often leave school and enter the job market-for the fortunate- without sufficient skills for self-reliance and that of their communities. This drive him to establish the GUiDE Project to adress this gap through mentorship


Consultant and Executive Director – The American Leadership Board.
She has spent her career in diverse cultural and socio-economic environments – learning about learning and factors that facilitate success in academia, quality of living, and in the world of work. This has become the foundation of her success in the development and implementation of effective, systemic, educational infrastructures and support programs that provides the maximum opportunity for students, staffs, and institutions to succeed for the 21st Century


Computer Systems Developer and CEO of KNOVADA
Mr. Taylor has over 32 years’ experience in the computer industry, in the government and commercial sectors with extensive experiences in systems integration and design, and data center architecture. Developed and sold and WEB based Internet/Intranet applications for various industries, which incorporated JavaScript, COM, .NET, and Active Server Pages.


Co-Founder of GUiDE Project CEO, MultEversity
John Newel started a new on-line international college (MultEversity) which will offer a low cost degree pathway, fully accredited within the UK national education framework. The first courses will be in Interactive Creative Media (Animation, Visual Effects, Film and computer game design options). We also offer Teaching Qualification and a degree pathway to a low cost MBA The overarching vision is to create a Transnational environment that prepares students for the challenges of 21st century and helps them lead flourishing lives. The courses are designed so that students understand, “… the world is not interested in your skills and knowledge but is waiting expectantly for you to show them what you can do with the Skills and Knowledge. “The old hierarchical, geographically based university is dying. But progressive educators and innovative reformers are reviving the institution, using rapidly maturing information technologies and building upon timeless values of scholarship, collegiality, open dialogue and intellectual integrity to create a post-industrial university that will be capable of reaching both new heights of academic excellence and new breadths of community access and social utility.


Operations and Services Manager -Hikarigaoka Campus. Aoba-Japan International School
Robert is a self-driven educator with a mission. His mission is to help every young person become the best learner they can be. This can be done this by setting up new schools and writing new curricula where education is approached in a better way; however – what about existing schools with existing curricula? What about educators and parents who can’t see the power of developing the learner? What about this generation now? John set up Developing Real Learners – an NGO – to take action and to find answers to these questions. DRL general answer is that we can develop real learners in existing schools with existing curricula! It can help a critical mass of educators and parents to understand the importance of, and know how to develop real learners! It can improve the lives of this generation now, if we take action. Then they in turn will have a chance to improve the situation for all. Sometimes though, we have to build the schools and that needs funding. Setting up schools, adapting schools, creating on-line training and virtual tutors, developing resources and materials for educators, young learners and parents and more – we and our partners globally offer solutions to the education issues of yesteryear – the issues that most of us still encounter in schools today.


Curriculum Developer (USA)
Attended University of Chicago Lab School. BFA in Theater from NYU, study with Miss Stella Adler. Actress for years in NYC, then Acting teacher /Actress in Burlington Vermont. Studied Educational Psychology at University of Virginia with Dr. Carol Ann Tomlinson, Gifted Education. Ran programs for gifted students in Massachusetts. Published math/science fiction book for children. Creative writing study, especially the Novel. Math teacher and curriculum developer at Russian School of Mathematics, Teaching Theater at Worcester State University.


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